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23/05/18 1:07
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A clinical biochemist is a lab-based medical professional, responsible for the analysis and interpretation of results obtained through the diagnostic testing of physiological samples (both solid and fluid).
Modern diagnostic testing methodologies are mostly automated processes or are facilitated by information technology devices and applications. Consequently, manual interventions are not required in the majority of cases, where no chemical or biochemical anomalies are detected.
Clinical biochemists enter the diagnostic process once these anomalies or abnormalities are encountered, performing advanced diagnostic tests using tools and techniques such as chromatographs, spectroscopes, electron microscopes and electrophoresis.
They then interpret and analyse the results in collaboration with other clinical scientists and make sure that detailed records of the whole testing cycle are maintained.
A clinical biochemist’s other activities include conducting periodic checks of automated testing equipment, carrying out any necessary maintenance on the equipment and making sure that testing conditions are accurately calibrated and kept constant at all times.

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