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Building services engineer

06/01/18 9:25
2 Applications
Job Type:
Full Time

  • negotiating and developing project contracts and agreeing these with clients if working in consultancy, and putting out tenders;
  • commissioning, organising and assessing the work of contractors;
  • working with detailed diagrams, plans and drawings;
  • using specialist computer-aided design (CAD) software and other resources to design the systems required for the project;
  • using and developing BIM (building information modelling) to ensure systems are coordinated in a complex construction or refurbishment project;
  • managing and forecasting spend, using whole life cycle costing techniques, ensuring that work is kept to budget and energy efficient systems are implemented;
  • designing site-specific equipment as required;
  • overseeing and supervising the installation of building systems and specifying maintenance and operating procedures;
  • monitoring building systems and processes;
  • making decisions about expired systems equipment and the appropriate location of new equipment;
  • liaising closely with other professionals, including structural engineers, builders, architects and surveyors and in-house project teams;
  • attending a range of project group and technical meetings;
  • ensuring that the design and maintenance of building systems meets legislative and health and safety requirements;
  • advising clients and architects on energy use and conservation in a range of buildings and sites, aiming to minimise the environmental impact and reduce the carbon footprint;
  • working on a variety of projects within a short period of time.


   All interested and qualified applicants should forward their BIO DATA, i.e full name,phone number, location,address,discipline and role applied for, to this phone number (08116782259) or forward a comprehensive resume/CV to the comment box provided or to the company e-mail address kolcrestservices(at)outlook(dot)com: email for urgent recruitment and must be willing to resume duty immediately.

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