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Beschare Global Link is a Corporate Training & Consulting company since 2015. We specialize in Business Development, Training and Human Capital Development, for both management and technical skills. In addition to the extensive industrial experience in human resources management, we have a pool of experts in
our faculty specializing in specific areas that serve organizations of numerous industries.

We work together with companies as smart partnership in providing hands-on solutions to help

solve day to day business challenges by developing their human capital, building their brands, advertising their image and marketing their products - all with the help and guidance of our multi-faceted organization.

We believe in a comprehensive approach - becoming a part of our client's business and knowing as much about their operations and challenges as possible. We want to support you in meeting your needs and most importantly achieving your goals in improving bottom line results and to sustain the competitive advantage.




Our mission is to design and deliver high impact development programs and a wide range of consultancy services that produce outstanding human performance in your organizations.


We are committed to create a strong and continuous improvement in human capital performance with your organization.

We create a smart partnership with you to fully understand your unique business strategy, goals, needs, objectives and culture. Following that, your needs will be studied and a tailor-made program will be designed for your organization. The core aims of the training is to build and sustain the skills and behaviors that are essential to your business successes


To achieve your desired results, our development effort extends beyond the training room.

We work in partnership with you to:

understand your business and development needs

design development initiatives and deliver high impact training interventions

develop and implement powerful reinforcement programmes

track and measure for continuous improvement and sustainability


We offer training and learning lab that are tailored to provide solutions to help increase the productivity, performance and profitability of the manufacturing, transport, banking, trading,

hospitality, oil & gas, insurance, banking, property and services related businesses and organizations.

We believe in customizing and developing specific solutions through a collaborative process designed to identify a client's needs, requirements and objectives.

The unique approach combined with the strong faculty of experts, competent trainers, multilingual facilitators puts our lab in the position to spur the progress of establishment.

Our business focuses on 5 key areas:






Through years of experience working with different industries, we truly understand the current companies' training needs. Companies no longer needed a theory-based training but a practical training with applicable knowledge.

Beschare Global is a catalyst for attaching the missing linkage between the knowledge learned, and the practical work applications, with the ultimate goal of providing a

long-term SOLUTION to the company.

We listen to understand your issues and business objectives. We work together with you to equip your people with necessary skills, providing them with the right tools to achieve important skills to have the competitive edge.

We believe that training does not stop at preaching in front of a whiteboard. We stress on hands on application, real LIVE experiences and FRONT end technology.

Each consultant is matched to the requirement of the client. They are specialist in their own field who have substantial experience and are able to share gems. We bring to you the front end of technology right in the heart of your company, empowering your staff with global industrial knowledge and current practices.

We are a Solution driven organization with customized program dedicated to the essence of training and development. Give us a call today 08187171217! Our specialized team of consultants will come to your doorstep and listen to your needs and come up with the best human development and Training program.

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